Optimism Shining Through Pessimism

I’ve wandered Tumblr for a little while, even tried doing game reviews, reblogged some things, posted a handful of things, mainly just browsed. It became my tame /b/, full of random pictures and ramblings, with less of the trolls. It was a nice change of pace.
However, something was missing, similar to how I feel about a lot of things. I realized I wanted to be apart of something more, that I wasn’t content just browsing. I realized that video games seemed to be dull, that my job was lacking, that my social life was falling apart, that my love life seemed to be fading away. I wasn’t happy with any of that.

I decided to make a change, to step out of the comfort zone. I’m trying new things, some with a pinch of familiarity, but new all the same. I’m going to write again, draw again, be excited, take criticism to heart and grow. Today, I’m going to make a change.

"This is actually kind of crazy. Talk about a weird thing. Rocky Raccoon is one of my favourite songs. For some reason, [the song] just fucking kills me. It’s pathetic; it destroys me. When the role of Rocket Raccoon came upon us, I was talking to James Gunn and I said, ‘I’m doing this movie now, and we’re always tripping on Rocky Raccoon. Isn’t it weird that I’m playing Rocket Raccoon?’ He told me that was the inspiration for the character, that song. I don’t know if that’s the truth, but it’s what he said, which if that’s the truth, it’s kind of insane.”